How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Influencers to Notice You

In social media marketing, one of the main strategies is to target influencers. If they have noticed you and liked your work, they can do wonders for your business. First thing that can be positive for your business is that it can grow your company rapidly. Have you noticed how quickly some of the businesses get hundred thousands of likes and followers in an instant? That’s the magic of being on the good side of influencers.

Influencer marketing is one social media marketing tactic business coaches regularly harp about – trying and engaging with social media influencers organically. One vouch is all you need from them to start off with and the rest will follow if your content is really worth it and whatever you are selling is something the world at large can connect with.

Since so many of the marketers now are vying for the influencers’ attention, getting their attention now makes it even harder. Most of the influencers probably get hundreds of mails, messages, voicemails and have thousands of people sharing their stuff on social media – so breaking in seems impossible, right? Here are few ways you can get a social media influencers to notice you:

Be Strategic: The first step to getting the right influencers to notice you is by picking out the right ones. Obviously, it would be cool if someone like Neil Patel and Jeff Bullas could be reached but be realistic here. They are the big guns of social media marketing and reaching out to them would be almost impossible; so instead, why don’t you try targeting smaller influencers. They are less competitive to reach to and it’s far easier for you to get their attention. The other benefit to it is that there can be more of them and you can find the right influencer that fits you and your brand. The only drawback here is that while a famous influencer can get you in front of 500,000 people, a small-time influencer can only manage the 10th of it. But if a smaller influencer can still deliver all the results you want, it’s all well isn’t it?

Use the Right Mindset: Going after small influencers will get you noticed easily but there are still a few things that you need to keep in mind. That is, how to talk to an influencer. It’s important that you talk to influencers the right way. Talking to them in the right way means that you’ll need to think of them in the right way. To narrow it further for you, try to befriend them instead for making the idealistic sales pitch – they are human beings.

Find Them: There are plenty of influencers you can find if know your niche well but there are also plenty of tools to help you find potential influencers.

Find Them: There are plenty of influencers you can find if know your niche well but there are also plenty of tools to help you find potential influencers.

Make a Short List: Before diving in, make a list of 20 relevant influencers you want to reach out to. Having a shortlist of influencers makes you focus on which influencers could really help you and it also gives you more time to build relationships with the people who do matter.

Make Your Move: After getting all the above mentioned things done, all you need now is to make your final move. The relationship building part, here’s what you can do:

– Follow them on every social media platform they’re on,

– Sign up for their email and RSS feeds,

– Start sharing their content in your social media content,

– Leave comments on their blog. The sooner you can do this after they publish, the better,

– Don’t just share their posts on social media – reply and comment on them, too,

– Mention their posts and other work formats on other blog comments you leave and in the content you create,

– Figure out which channel they prefer to communicate with -some prefer email and some go for direct social media messages,

– If you feel like you know them well enough, now spend some time crafting your outreach email,

– If you’re asking them to share a piece of your content, only pitch them something they’ll be interested in, and,

– If you are good in content as well as your influencer is, offer to guest post on their blogs.

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