Video Game Testers – What Do They Really Do?

The dream of every gaming fanatic is a job where they can play great games and receive a paycheck for it. That job is more than just a dream. There are actually people who work in the gaming industry testing games and giving the developers the information that they need to bring a profitable game to the market. So, what exactly do these video game testers do? Well, the job is a lot more detailed than you might imagine. While it is still an enjoyable and profitable way to earn a living, there is more to it than just playing.

Bringing a new game to market is a long and detailed process for the designers and developers. The game goes through a series of steps that ensure that it will play well and is enjoyable to the growing market of fans. One of the important steps in the road to a fully developed is the testing. This is the step in the developmental process that the testers works on. Video game testers ensure that the game is free of errors and glitches that could cause players problems. The next time you play a game on your console or PC, just think about how many hours of playing went into it for you to enjoy it without any bugs.

Video game testers not only find errors or glitches. Their opinion and feedback is also needed to find parts of the game that are not smooth or desirable. An aspect of the game may play well, but is not really a great feature and this opinion is important to the designers and developers to help them create a product that will bring enjoyment to their customers (and make them money).

As a tester you do get a chance to play a game before it is brought to market, but you must also play certain aspects of the game over and over to find those hidden errors and glitches. This can become tedious after long hours of playing the same sequence over and over again. A games tester must have the patience to go through the game in the way the manufacturer wants the game tested.

Video game testers may work directly for the company or they can work for a company that offers video game testing services to manufacturers. The position can be done within the company or some testers work out of their home testing games. As a tester, you are a professional in the gaming industry that is an integral part of bringing a high quality product to the marketplace.

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