What Are the Key Benefits of Choosing AngularJS for Web App Development?

AngularJS, based on the Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture, is a Google’s open source framework to help developers while coding and testing the code. AngularJs combines HTML codes and application modules establishing a framework. MVC Architecture is usually made use for planning and developing rich web applications. Let’s quickly discuss the benefits of selecting Angular JS for Web App Development:

Simple Architecture:

AngularJS development is one of the simplest design architectures for managing heavy applications comprising several components and complex requirements.

Improved Design Architecture:

Some large applications have a bulk of components numbering more than 60. Even a newly joined programmer can work midstream and develop the code without any trouble.

Declarative User Interface:

As Angular JS uses HTML to define apps UI, developing apps becomes much simpler. When you’re using an interface developed in JS, then HTML code strengthens that interface.

Lesser timeline:

AngularJS shortens the application coding time. With the addition of a few attributes to the HTML code, you can build a simple app fast and easy.

Lesser code and enhanced development efficiency:

It requires lesser code; therefore, developers can think on increasing the efficiency of the application rather than writing just codes.

Code Reusability:

Developer can reuse the same chunk of code written previously. This saves considerable time and this makes Angular JS one of the best frameworks for the coders.

Dependency Injection:

This comes as a salient feature of Angular JS it works seamlessly with the development and testing of Single Page Application or SPA design.

Two-Way Data Binding:

Considered one of the most outstanding feature of the AngularJS technology, this feature helps the developer build application easily.

Enhanced server performance:

It brings down the burden from server CPUs. It can reduce the overall traffic because it only delivers static files and responds to the API calls.

Convenient Testing:

Angular JS comes with excellent testing compatibilities and makes both unit as well as endtoend testing flexible and easy at any stage of development.

Parallel Development:

Angular Js is excellent at handling dependency combined with the MVC architecture and helps developers build apps in a parallel way.

MVVC software design pattern:

Model-View-View -Model Architecture, backed by the AngularJs, is one of the most innovate web development processes. Thus, Angular JS developers are offered with seamless web app development framework that can make life easy for them while coding, testing and post-deployment.

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Three Apps for Fitness Freaks

If your new years resolution was to get in shape, and if that said resolution is still going strong then you might want to take a look at these apps to help you continue your journey.

All of these apps are available on the iPhone. Android devices unfortunately do not have GAIN Fitness


Endomondo is a really neat app. You can track pretty much anything outdoors in there whether it be a nice leisurely stroll through the park or an intense bike ride in the mountains.

The app will track your journey via GPS and save it using Google Maps so that you can look over it later. You can also take frequent workouts and try to beat your personal best. Also, using the GPS, the app can track your speed and uses it to create mile long splits to tell you if you slowed down towards the end of that bike ride.

All of the data is stored on your profile online where you can look on a calendar to see what days you worked out on and how good you did. The online portal also compiles some useful statistics on your workouts and you can even compete against others in your area on trails that they have set up.

I highly recommend this app, there is a free version which should be all that you need.

GAIN Fitness

This is for replacing that costly personal trainer. The app will customize the workout based upon what it learns about you. The workouts are customized based upon your age, weight, goals and earlier workouts. Don’t have a full set of workout equipment? Don’t worry, the app will only customize to what you have.

There is, once again, a web portal for the app that allows you to see data on a bigger, expanded screen.

The app is five dollars and is not available on Android.

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal

Input your goal weight into this calorie counter and it will do its best to figure out how much nutrition you’ll be needing each day. Unlike traditional calorie counting methods though, there is no real work once you get started. All you have to do is snap a picture of the barcode on the food you eat, input a portion size and watch those calories pile up. If you input your workouts too then the app will calculate if any more calories are needed.

This app is available on iOS and Android so you have no excuses.

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Exploring a Wide Variety of Makeover Games

Over the years famous baby dolls went from being simple dolls to being recognizable characters that appear in magazines, comics, and even have their own games designed that feature their characters in a central position.

It may not surprise you but most of the doll-themed games that you’ll find are about makeovers.

After all, the reason why dolls became so popular in the first place was the enormous amount of fun that girls could have by changing their outfit, hairstyle, and so on. Now – all of that has been translated into the digital world, thus creating makeover games!

Types of Makeover Games

The most common type of makeover games that are available are those that relate to fashion, clothing, and accessories. In short, you’ll get to ‘dress up’ a baby doll as and how you please, so with a huge variety of different outfits from different fashions and styles.

Some of the dress up games involving accessories even go a step further and allow you to design your own necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets to dress up a doll with.

But even that is really just brushing the surface of these makeover games.

As you delve deeper, you’ll find that there are makeover games that deal with shoes, nails, and even hair. Some go into no small amount of detail and allow you to truly make your doll look the way you want her to while experimenting with numerous different appearances.

Other Miscellaneous Dress Up Games

Apart from making over dolls according to your every whim and fancy, you’ll also find that there are doll games that involve various other activities.

One good example of these are the many cooking games that let you whip up dishes for a doll to enjoy. Some focus on specific types of foods, such as the Burgers for doll game, while others are more general.

There are also other games such as biking with baby dolls, where you can take part in a bike competition with your favorite doll, and even dance with a doll – where you’ll take part in a dance!

Frankly speaking, there are dress up games in practically every genre that you could possibly imagine and chances are that if there’s something that you’d like to do with her, you’ll definitely be able to find a game that allows you to do just that!

Are you starting to see just how wide an array of makeover games is available nowadays? The diverse nature of these games mean that you should be able to occupy your time for hours, or even days on end – and there’ll still be some games that you haven’t tried out yet even after all of that!

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iPhone App Development – The Process

The iPhone app development process is not all coding and confusing-looking techie jargon. In fact, the development of a great iPhone app depends just as much on practical planning, creative brainstorming and extreme attention to minute detail. Add all of these aspects together with the actual coding phase, and you have an iPhone app that is bound to be a favorite throughout America or even worldwide.

Here’s a peek into the process that is necessary for an iPhone app to evolve from solid idea to an app everyone wants to download.

• Conceptualization is the first step, and it’s an important one. The iPhone developer maps out the concept itself by focusing on both the larger picture, which is the overall goal of the app, and the small, which are little intricacies that are going to make it wonderful. If the app developer is working with another person to make an idea come to life, they ask that person question after question regarding the app, making sure to leave no stone unturned. By the time that first piece of code is written, the finished product sits solidly in the good programmer’s mind. Conversely, an iPhone developer who does not prepare may just begin writing code immediately and just see how it goes. This person will likely forget at least one piece of pertinent information.

• Planning – Once the programmer has reached this stage, it’s time to lay out the pieces of the program to make sure that they all mesh. If the question hasn’t already been asked regarding how well the public will embrace this app, it is definitely asked now. If similar apps are available, the developer will work to differentiate the app in order to make it more attractive.

• Coding – Finally, the actual code is written. Little details such as font size and color are given great attention, and the app is tested exhaustively to ensure that it is user-friendly and attractive.

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